Dhiman Saha

Hey guys, Dhiman here. During my engineering days I was a movie freak and used to survive on a staple diet of movies. But being a software engineer I joined the It industry. But the dream of making movies in me didn’t die. I directed a documentary named ‘Rosokotha’ which was selected in Kolkata Film Festival 2013.

And that was a point of motivation for me. Just then I met Aniruddha my colleague and was surprised to know he is the ex-student of narendrapur ramakrishan mission just like me. We teamed up to Direct “Chobi” a short film. And then we started dreaming together and started chasing our dream to make movies. Along came Manimala, the perfect person with the perfect background who could guide us to achieve our dreams. Then history was created!! “Flying Colours” was born!!.


Aniruddha Chattopadhyay

Hello folks, Andie here!! Even though I started working as a techie after doing my engineering, I always loved to act. Immediately after college I joined a Theater group USHNEEK beside working in a corporate company and worked with stalwarts like Debshankar Halder, Suvashish Mukherjee, Ishita Mukherjee, Rajat Ganguly and Chanda Chatterjee.

During this period I also worked as a part of some production teams for some docu-features and short films. I, as a part of ‘Image makers’, organized the Haldia film festival for 4 years. As I was doing all these things I felt I should have a production house of my own to express all the ideas of my own. Interestingly I met my colleague Dhiman then.



We are lucky to have a dynamic set of people who work with us rather than working for us.

Swarup Mondal (Creative)

Swarup, a short & Docu film director is also a poet. He is also the Editor of a little magazine named “Jugondhar“. He is an authorized artisan by Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India.

He founded an NGO named “Jugondhar craft & cultural welfare society” which works in rural area organizing workshops in handicrafts training. He enriches our company creative works with his expertise and updated knowledge in various fields.


Priyanka Gupta (Photography)

Priyanka, the MCA Grad is a techie by profession for more than 6 years. She is also an avid traveller and a fan of world movies. It’s during one of her travels she decided to take up the camera to tell her travel stories. Since then she is into serious photography.

Ayan Roy (Marketing)

Ayan, an engineer and also an MBA grad is passionate about movie marketing. He has more than 10 years of experience in marketing various brands and currently heads the REGIONAL SALES team FOR EASTERN INDIA for a major textile machinery brand.

Manimala Pal

Hello!! I am Manimala. I have been working in the Bengali film industry as an Executive producer for more than 11 years. I started my career in “Channel Eight” and then became an Executive Producer after that joined as the chief Executive Producer in “Orion Entertainment” and later on became operations head at “Next Change Entertainment”.

I stayed there till I formed “Flying Colours“. I was associated with films like “Chaplin” and “Dutta vs Dutta” and “Jodi Ekdin” as Chief Executive Producer and also did a numerous number of Telefilms and Television projects. As I was aging in the film industry and gaining experience I always felt that I have much more to give to the world of Audio and visuals. I always nurtured a dream to have a production house of myself. Just then I meet 2 crazy guys from very different field but really passionate about movies; Aniruddha and Dhiman.